Special services for English speaking clients



My familyís contacts to England go back to my motherís time as an assistant teacher in Yorkshire just after the war. My godmother was English. Thus I have been brought up with English and English friends. As you may have gathered from my curriculum vitae I am well travelled and had also the chance to practice my English professionally.


Because of this background I am able to communicate with English speaking clients, advise and represent them in their matters relating to Germany without any language problems. My professional experiences in Ireland and the United States also help to avoid misunderstandings as they have given me an idea of legal thinking and attitude in Common Law countries which differ considerably from German law.


Therefore the translation of English texts into German and vice versa is part of my service for the clients although I am not a trained interpreter.


Last not least I provide help getting business information from the specialized agencies as well as from the different registers kept by German courts and municipal administrations.